Monday , September 21st 2020
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ZXMOTO Gas Chainsaw 25cc Engine 10″ Bar 2 Stroke Cutting Wood Chain Saw

Product Features:

    Specification:◆ Engine displacement: 25cc◆ Engine tpye: single cylinder, air cooler, 2-stroke◆ Power Source: Gas◆ Form of Carburettor: pump-film type◆ Assisted Starting System◆ Guide bar type: Sprocket nose◆ Maximum cutting length guide bar size:10"◆ Fuel mixture ratio:25:1(90#gasoline:2-cycle oil)◆ Oil tank capacity:160ml◆ Fuel tank capacity:230ml◆ Maximum engine power:0.9kw/9800rpm Package Include:…
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Product Description

◆ Engine displacement: 25cc
◆ Engine tpye: single cylinder, air cooler, 2-stroke
◆ Power Source: Gas
◆ Form of Carburettor: pump-film type
◆ Assisted Starting System
◆ Guide bar type: Sprocket nose
◆ Maximum cutting length guide bar size:10″
◆ Fuel mixture ratio:25:1(90#gasoline:2-cycle oil)
◆ Oil tank capacity:160ml
◆ Fuel tank capacity:230ml
◆ Maximum engine power:0.9kw/9800rpm

Package Include:
1x Chainsaw Body
1x Saw Chain
1x Fuel Mixing Bottle
1x English Instruction

Product Features

  • 25cc 2-cycle engine with 10″ bar and chain for reliable starts in all conditions equipped with QuickStart technology making pull starts easier.
  • 10″ bar and chain optimized for powerful cutting performance.
  • Front and back anti-vibration handles for comfortable operation.
  • Maximum engine power: 0.9kw/9800rpm. Maximum cutting length: 10″
  • Gas chainsaw ideal for pruning,limbing,cutting firewood,cutting branches and cleaning up trees.